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Jacek Sosnowski
76 - 010 Polanów, Rekowo 9
gm. Polanów, woj. zachodniopomorskie
tel: +48 606 613 089
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Warmly Welcome...
to REKOWO, a picturesque village in Central Pomerania.

Rekowo is situated on remote clearing at the heart of Wild Forest, the real kingdom of forests & lakes,  within a short distance of 20miles from the Baltic Sea.

Lovely relaxed atmosphere attracts visitors who can enjoy the advantages of:

    • RICHNESS & DIVERSITY OF NATURE - great wilderness  full of berries, mushrooms and animals.
    • HORSES (10) – horseback riding school, classic and natural (!) techniques, paddock, grounds, rallies, camps.
    • FARM - SAFARI - interaction with animals
    • ACTIVITIS FOR CHILDREN – qualified staff, interesting and developing workshops and games.
    • ART- experience of music & poetry & theatre, craft workshops, cookery event -  ‘bread baking’.
    • WARM, FAMILY ATMOSPHERE – we are a traditional family (2+5) respecting   Christian values. We promote life without addictions, television, ‘rat race’ or quasi-modern chaos. We advocate and practice Fair Trade and life in harmony with nature.

Note: some attractions are accessible only during the camps. 


We specialize in FAMILY HOLIDAYS. Children can be left in the care of our professional staff. There are a lot of interesting activities for children: art., music, theatre, cookery, language, and outdoor activities as well. In spring or autumn we organize HORSE RALLIES, therapeutic camps,  workshops on natural lifestyle and body renewal.

Accommodation: For preferring comfort there are two-bedroom apartments, while the others can satisfy their need to be close to nature by spending a night in a unique Indian TIPI with a fire in front of it.

Food: According to our visitors’ requests we serve meat dishes, vegetarian or vegan meal ( some ingredients are from our own farm). Old barn has been renovated and transformed into a Feast Hall.

Surroundings: There is a Family Theatre stage and table tennis in Feast Hall. In front of the house there are two playgrounds, a swimming pool for adults and a shallow pool for small children, a diving board, a volleyball pitch and a sheltered grill. For our guests there are horses (10), bikes (2) and  a surfboard. We speak English and German.


Bed in guests room - 25-33 PLN//per night// 
Bed in camp-house  - 15-22 PLN//per night/
Bed in Tipi (wood for fire includes in the price/ ) -15 PLN/per night/

Traditional food  (3 meals) - 40 PLN
Vegetarian food(3 meals) - 35 PLN 
Students food (3 meals) - 25 PLN 
Discount for children under 8 years old - 11 PLN

There is a possibility to prepare own meals / apartment with kitchen or kitchen-annex /  



With bathroom (D1, D2, D3, S-4) kitchen(D1)or  kitchen-annex   (D3), separate garden (D3, S4)



from18.07. to  16.08.2009.




Winter holidays
Easter holidays
May weekend
1.04 - 18.07.2009.
16.08.2009 - 15.10.2009.


  • D1-“Young Artists’ Flat" (5 beds) – two connecting rooms, fully equipped kitchen: four-hotplate gas cooker, traditional wood-burning tiled cooker, fridge, sink, bathroom, (beds: first room -  wooden double bed, next room – sofa bed for 2-3 people).
  • D2 -"Sherrif’s Flat” (5 beds) –two rooms: 2 - bed and  3-4-bed rooms, hall, bathroom, (beds: 3-4-bed room has sofa bed and sleepover bed, 2-bed room has  sofa).
  • D3 -"Sunny Flat " (8 beds) – fireplace living-room, bedroom, bathroom, hall, kitchen: electric cooker, wireless kettle, fridge, separate door to the garden with playground for children, the garden is next to the farm zoo, (beds: each room has sofa bed for two, or sofa and two separate beds).
  • S4 -"Cavalry Quarter " (5 beds) –two rooms: 2- and 3-bed rooms,bathroom, separate garden with sandpit (beds:  3-bed room has  sleepover bed and wooden bed, 2-bed room has double wooden bed).



 Horseback riding lesson: 25 PLN/h, (lesson with secure assistance 30 min., manege 45 min., terrain riding 60-90 min.). 


Booking is valid after:

30% prepayment (beds or B&B), Full payment is required at least 30 days prior to departure

100% prepayment for camps.

Horseback riding-  payment at our office

Payment method

Bank transfer to our bank account
76 2030 0045 1110 0000 0049 2370

Foreigners :
PL-76 2030 0045 1110 0000 0049 2370



  beds in guest rooms

  5 meals a day: possibility for choosing  diet (breakfast, lunch and dinner –buffet, packet breakfast and sweet course – fixed portions)

"wishing table" (extra fruits, sandwiches, soft drinks, refreshments - as and when required )

  horseback riding school for small children- theory and practice

Natural methods – accustoming to horses with technique by Lindy Tellington-Jones’s (T-Touch, T-Team),
Lessons are segmented into short 15-minute sessions, pony horses suitable for children, double security for beginners.

  music, vocal, theatre, and art. classes  (free flashcards, crayons, etc.)

  evening events and competitions

  language games with method by Helen Doron (English)

  everyday ‘bedtime stories’reading

  photo-session with horses and Indian clothes

  educational excursion to “Foresters’ Park”

  qualified staff




THEATRE –  each willing child can become a member of our family theatre group "Teatr pod Strzech±"/”Theatre Under Thatch”/. Musical children can join the music band. If possible, children are supposed to bring their own music instruments, if not, we provide children with various instruments, from simple maracas or rainstick to keyboard or drums through flute or percussion. ‘Talent Night’ is a performance which is a perfect possibility to show children’s achievements.

Music classes and dance theatre are conducted by pedagogy students: Aga Sosnowska-Frysiak – flutist and vocalist  in a poetry singing group "Cisza jak ta" /”Silence like this”/ (numerous achievements),  and Aga’s husband Piotr Frysiak –bass guitarist, founder of the group, "”Oddział Chorych na Marzenia"/"Admitted for Dreams Unit”.

Theatre classes have been led by Kaja Sosnowska – an actress in "Proscenium", Kołobrzeg, laureate of Polish Declamatory and Theatre Contests. 

Art,  pottery, and model workshops are carried by Michał Sosnowski –guitarist and percussionist. Mother, Anna is responsible for weave workshops, craft and sculpture, as well as cookery.  Father, Jacek explains the art of photography and video.

Note! A choice of the subject group will be made in accordance with children’s interests and gifts.

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